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Jumptuit Health Unveils National Individualized Health Alert System (NIHAS) for COVID-19


Introducing Jumptuit

Jumptuit delivers the critical information you need, when you need it, without having to search for it.

The Jumptuit Solution

Smart Data


Autonomous AI



Conversational UI


Data Exchange




Jumptuit is pushing forward the boundaries of what is possible in conversational user interaction across Intelligent Voice Assistants on Smart Devices.







Cross-Platform Conversational UX

Jumptuit analyzes more data to provide you with less information – only that which is highly relevant and useful in helping you to make better informed decisions.


Jumptuit Connects Data Sources

Jumptuit Dynamic Awareness™ delivers real-time hyper-personalized information and AI-generated insights based on your activities throughout the day.

Jumptuit is on Multiple Platforms


Jumptuit Dynamic Awareness autonomously cycles hyper-personalized information to you throughout your day and provides an interactive conversational user experience for you to explore.


Jumptuit Dynamic Awareness™ radically accelerates data utilization in all aspects of your personal and professional life. Jumptuit continually scans across market sectors to find the information that is of greatest value to you – freeing up your time to achieve your goals and objectives.


The Jumptuit Family

The Jumptuit Family is a group of companies, each addressing the data needs of a specific market sector.


The Jumptuit Group collectively provides each respective market sector with essential cross-sector data, a complete data composite with velocity and veracity.


Each member of the Jumptuit Group is focused on delivering intelligent data services to the market sector it serves. Stakeholders in each market sector receive hyper-relevant cross-sector data and insights through the Jumptuit Data Platform to fill gaps in information and understanding prior to decisions being made. Cross-sector data and insights improve the decision-making process and increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Jumptuit, Inc.

Jumptuit Agriculture, Inc.

Jumptuit Earth, Inc.

Jumptuit Education, Inc.

Jumptuit Energy, Inc.

Jumptuit Finance, Inc.

Jumptuit Gaming, Inc.

Jumptuit Government, Inc.

Jumptuit Health, Inc.

Jumptuit Insurance, Inc

Jumptuit Legal, Inc.


Jumptuit Logistics, Inc.


Jumptuit Manufacturing, Inc.


Jumptuit Media & Entertainment, Inc.


Jumptuit Opportunity Centers, Inc.


Jumptuit Personal Care, Inc.


Jumptuit Real Estate, Inc.


Jumptuit Research, Inc.


Jumptuit Smart City, Inc.


Jumptuit Talent, Inc.


Jumptuit Travel, Inc

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